Useful Apps for Students

The Dictionary app (free) by will show you everything from synonyms to the etymology of a word. The app is  simple to use and it includes such features as “The Question of the Day,” to help you avoid mishaps like mixing up the words “imply” and “infer.” You may not use the app every day, but it’s great to have a dictionary handy when you need it.

Evernote (free) is a cloud-based note taking service. You can make notes, take pictures and even record audio notes as well, and all these can be easily categorized into folders — perfect if you want to remember something or take a quick audio memo during a lecture.

iStudioiez Pro ($2.99)
A calendar, homework diary and planner in one, iStudiez Pro is the ultimate tool for any student. It lets you add your entire class schedule along with the room and professor, and you can add assignments to each individual appointment (or module), ensuring no feeble excuses for forgetting to do your homework. You can also specify exactly what kind of appointment, whether it is a lecture, seminar, workshop or exam.

Dropbox allows you upload virtually any file onto a cloud-based server, which can then be accessed from pretty much any device with an Internet connection.

CBT Pad – $4.99
Helpful for recording precipitating event, automatic thoughts, consequences of these thoughts, an objective assessment, and steps for further action.

Breathing Zone – Free (Full Version $3.99)
Guided breathing exercises to help decrease anxiety and increase relaxation.

Simply Being– $0.99
Guided meditations for practicing relaxation, being more present in the moment, and assistance for falling asleep.

Relax Melodies – Free
Includes 50 relaxing sounds that allows users to save favorites and set timers/alarms to assist with falling asleep.

Simply Yoga– Free (Full Version $3.99)
Offers two levels of yoga and 20, 40, or 60 minute sessions.

PTSD Coach – Free
Includes features such as “manage my symptoms” or “find support.” Users can input their current emotional state and rate their distress from 1-10. The app presents coping skills, or in the case of distress rated a 9 or 10, suggests calling the a support hotline or crisis management.

Let Panic Go – Free
Encourages individuals to decrease their breathing during a panic attack, as well as provides suggestions do cope with other symptoms of panic.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson-$2.99
This is a guided meditation intended to help overcome insomnia and get to sleep.

iSleepEasy -$4.99
This app helps quell anxieties and provides  guided meditations for relaxation and sleep.

Magic Window-Living Pictures -$2.99
Offers an assortment of peaceful, ambient nature scenes from beautiful spots around the world

Relax Melodies-Free
Provides relaxing music; including nature sounds and new age music.

Headspace is meditation made simple.You will be able learn meditation and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day.